EMBASE A Cloud Pro-Suits

Team Embase build a bridge to fill the gap between ERP-System and Business-process. Most importantly we the consultants are the first users of ERP. Embase displays student’s self appraisal status to Students, Higher Officers, Parents there by communication among its users becomes simple and effective. Admission Portal :- An aspirant can apply online and enter his/her marks, attach certificates and fee-Challan.EMBASE-Remittance:- Fees can be generated subjected to considerations if any. If he/she avails discount or scholarship, it can be added by editing individually without disturbing the fee-structure of others. Attendance:- can be marked on four grounds.  Paper, Engage, Event and Let-Off. Students will not lose his/her attendance until verified as absent. EMBASE-Exam:- marks can be entered on-time so that the students will be aware of individual status. EMBASE-Library:- help students to search books in Library.  His/her transactions details will be displayed in his/her Application. EMIL:- is very much effective in conducting classes online along sharing study materials, marking attendance and scheduling and assigning tasks to students. 

In short, implementation of EMBASE in a Self-Financing-Arts-and-Science-College will help them to perform tasks carefully and competent-way. Proper and timely implementation of Embase will save a lot of energy, effort and money. 

Student/ Parent Login

Students and Parents can view their progress report/ Fee Details/Library Books Search and In hand books, Student Profile/ Self assessment details etc. 

Teachers/HOD Login

Teachers can view their students/ Courses(Papers)/ Programs(Courses)/Mark Attendance/ Internal and External Mark Entry/

 Admin/Princi.. Login

This portal is designed to all administration and academic management. Fee Collection and reports/Attendance Controls and Exam Control/Library and Students and teachers management